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HAYTD Beyond Ceremonial Matcha

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The Epitome of Excellence: Unveiling HAYTD Matcha Process


  • Origin and Sourcing: Our journey begins in the lush tea farms of Japan, where centuries-old traditions meet modern innovation. Soil, the foundation of tea quality, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it nurtures matcha leaves with the utmost care.

  • Cultivation and Harvest: The leaves are cultivated with unwavering dedication, thriving under shaded canopies that coax out rich chlorophyll content and vibrant color. Harvested during the first flush, they’re imbued with a symphony of “umami” flavors and healthful compounds.

  • Maximize Health Benefits: Every step is geared towards preserving the wholesome benefits of matcha. From precise shade durations to plucking at peak freshness, we optimize the leaves’ amino acids, antioxidants, and nutrients, guaranteeing a cup brimming with vitality.

  • Stone Grinding: Our commitment to authenticity leads us to traditional stone grinding. This age-old technique ensures that the matcha retains its inherent properties, allowing your customers to unlock the maximum bioavailability of its nutritional treasures.

  • Uncompromising Quality Checks: Your customers’ well-being is our paramount concern. Our matcha undergoes a meticulous tripled screen process, which is tested for heavy metals, toxins, and harmful bacteria, ensuring a product that is as safe as it is delightful.

  • Exquisite Taste and Aroma: The final result is an exquisite matcha that dances on the palate- a harmonious balance of umami sweetness and subtle vegetal notes. Its vibrant green hue and aroma elevate every sip into a multisensory experience.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Millie Do
    Amazing matcha!

    I’ve been looking for high quality matcha with an affordable price and this is the best one I’ve found! The matcha is very smooth and not bitter at all. It also has a very vibrant color. My matcha latte has never tasted better!!! As a bonus, delivery is also very quick.

    Best matcha ever

    The best matcha so far I had. You gain a new faithful customer.

    Quynh Tran
    Quynh T

    This matcha can cure my depression, fix my life, and clear my skin😮‍💨. They don't play when they say it's organic because the quality is amazing. My homemade matcha latte is now *Chef kiss* Time to say goodbye to Starbucks, highly recommend it 10/10!

    Shuayb Nur
    10/10 recommend

    First time buying from here and it was amazing! This is an excellent gift for anyone who loves matcha or is trying to get into it. Packaging was great and customer service was 11/10!

    Ha Pham
    Best matcha ever 🍵

    I have tried a lot of matcha on the market and this one a little bit pricey but worth it.
    Got a best suggestion from the owner to use the matcha with coconut water as pre-workout. Genius 👏🤩